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What Does Elim Mean?

Elim is named after an Oasis mentioned in the bible that God’s people discovered as they walked through the desert.
Exodus 15:27 says that at Elim there were 70 palm trees clustered around 12 wells, and after the dust and heat and thirst of the desert, the shade of the stately palms and the cool springs must have been a welcoming sight, and a place of shelter and refreshing.

Hastings Elim Christian Church

Here at Hastings Elim our aim is to be a relevant, caring community of believers, operating in Faith, Hope and Love and growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ.


Welcome to Hastings Elim Church.

Anne and I are the new Senior Pastors for this next season. We have served with Elim NZ for over 30 years in local ministry, pastoring and overseas missions.

Our heart is to see a flourishing, vibrant and growing church family, doing life together as we serve each other and the surrounding communities, here in Hastings.

We would love for you to come and check us out.

Elim National

Elim New Zealand has over 40 churches throughout the towns and cities of New Zealand as well as churches in other countries around the world. We all have a similar aim that unites us. It is a desire to reach up to God in worship, to reach out to our communities in service and to share the differences that Jesus Christ has made in our lives.

To find out more about the history of Elim and other churches in New Zealand visit our National website. www.elim.nz

Growth Track

This course is run for 4 weeks. It covers more on the background on what Elim means, following Jesus, finding your purpose, and making a difference in your world.

Faith Hope Love and a Future